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In Shellharbour, New South Wales, there are a variety of local community and commercial radio stations available to listen to. Here is a comprehensive review of all the stations available in the area.

Located at 999 AM, 2ST is a commercial radio station that serves the Shoalhaven and Southern Highland regions. They play a variety of music genres, including classic hits, country, and current hits. They also offer local news and sports coverage.

Wave FM
Wave FM is a commercial radio station found at 96.5 FM. They play a mix of current hits, pop, rock, and urban music. Additionally, they provide local news, weather, and traffic reports.

ABC Illawarra
ABC Illawarra can be found at 97.3 FM and is a public radio station geared toward local news and information. Their programming includes news bulletins, talk shows, and music programs, which play a mix of genres such as indie rock, blues, and folk.

Pulse 94.1
Pulse 94.1 is a community radio station that can be found at 94.1 FM. They offer a variety of music genres, including electronic dance music, R&B, and hip-hop. They also provide local news and information.

Triple J
Triple J is a national radio station found at 98.9 FM that plays alternative and indie music. They also provide news and current affairs programming, as well as sports and cultural segments.

Breeze FM
Breeze FM can be found at 100.6 FM and provides a mix of music genres, primarily adult contemporary, soft rock, and easy listening music. They offer local news and weather updates as well.

2MCR is a community radio station found at 100.3 FM. They play a mix of music genres, including rock, pop, and jazz. They also offer programs on local news and cultural events.

Antenna Pacific
Antenna Pacific is a national Christian radio station that can be found at 1611 AM. They offer an array of religious and faith-based programming, including music, prayers, and sermons.

Overall, there are plenty of radio stations available in the Shellharbour area catering to all music tastes and interests. Whether it's local news and information, cultural and religious programming, or music ranging from electronic dance to country and hits from the 80s, residents and visitors of Shellharbour have a range of options to choose from.

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